Steve Mores

Steve Mores


Steve Mores has over 29 years of creating and conducting technical and communication training for HVAC technicians and sales consultants. In 1990 he started Premier Environmental Technologies which brought the 24 Volt Polarized Media Air Cleaner to the US market and he was on the design team that developed the first UV light systems for residential applications. Steve is currently Vice President of Training and Sales for Dynamic Air Quality Solutions. In this role since 2009, Steve is responsible for IAQ/accessory sales growth through training and managing the company’s North American training team. During the seven years prior to joining Dynamic Air Quality Solutions, Steve served with Clockwork Home Services as VP of Nature’s Home IAQ Division where he started and directed the company’s IAQ product and training initiatives, then was promoted to President of Clockwork’s BuyMax Strategic Partner Division before joining Dynamic in 2009. Steve’s comprehensive industry background includes experience as a technician training professional, sales management, and public speaker. As a professional IAQ product and communication trainer, consultant and professional speaker, Steve helps clients improve revenue and profit by differentiating themselves through sustainable business practices.


Mind & Behavior

What makes the positive upbeat employee so much different than the negative nay sayers? Other than being more productive your positive employees also have a way of thinking that can be taught to others. That is if the others are willing to take a walk on the Cleansing Curve. Steve will discuss the different employee mind sets that he and his team run into every day and that you experience as well. Then he will share with you the Cleansing Curve Conversation that you should have with EVERY employee to maintain the positive and convert the negative.

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11 Mar 2020
11:00 am - 11:45 am
Marbella-Las Palmas, Marseilles-Portofino, San Marino