Mike Milan

Mike Milan


Mike is one of the highest-rated instructors at the nation’s most prestigious banking schools on the topic of financial management for small business owners. He has built or helped build multiple companies from the ground up by transforming ideas into multi-million dollar enterprises. In the last six years he has trained bankers, accountants, and business owners on the art of managing cashing in a business. This experience has had a positive impact on thousands of business owners and their advisers.

The Seven-Minute Conversation

Learn how to add power to your financial analysis. We’ll discuss a technique that will help you look at the financial health of any business in minutes.  No one wants to devote the hours it used to take to understand their businesses financial metrics.  But everyone can benefit from seeing their business through the eyes of the financials, a few minutes per month. We’ll show you a few critical items you can discuss with your team to set them on the path to more cash in your business. After one conversation, any small business owner will have a better understanding of their true financial position.  In this session we’ll look at:   Identify the most critical measurements of profitability in a small business  Learn how to have a quick, but meaningful conversation about the numbers  Introduce a quick analysis technique to your team in one simple step  Set them up for success in making more money or getting a financing request approved

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12 Mar 2020
3:00 pm - 3:45 pm
Marbella-Las Palmas, Marseilles-Portofino, San Marino