Matt Thornhill

Speaker, Author, Futurist

Matt Thornhill

Speaker, Author, Futurist


Winning the War for Workers:

The numbers tell the story: Record low unemployment. Number of workers ages 25-54 expected to remain flat for the next decade. Slow to no immigration. It’s no surprise we’re in an all-out war for workers. Research-based futurist and generations expert Matt Thornhill will open your eyes on how to find and keep top talent today. This mission-critical and informative session will help you understand generational dynamics in the workplace – the differences, and perhaps more valuable, the similarities. He’ll also share what leaders need to do to strengthen their work environments and culture. You’ll leave this action-packed session armed with specific steps to deploy immediately that will ensure you can acquire and keep talent from all generations.

Some people spend their entire careers trying to make their mark. Matt has been making his mark since day one. From his early days at Ogilvy in New York to when he was the new business manager at The Martin Agency as it grew four-fold to become a national player, Matt has been making a difference for clients.

Called a “Renaissance man” by many, Matt is a talented speaker, author, copywriter, designer, techno-geek, and futurist. Like John Martin, Matt’s especially skilled at seeing the big picture and connecting the dots that others miss.

For SIR, Matt runs the Institute for Tomorrow think tank, which is the natural evolution of its two earlier iterations — the Boomer Project and GenerationsMatter. More clients want to understand what’s coming, so Matt and John have expanded their focus beyond generational dynamics to include demographic and cultural trends affecting everyone’s future.

Frequently a top-rated keynote speaker, Matt inspires audiences with his insights and implications on “the future we already know.”

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Alliance Day Exclusive: Winning the War for Workers

16 Apr 2019
9:30 am - 10:45 am
Crystal Ballroom