Ed O’Connell

Ed O’Connell


Now a facilitator for 2 Service Nation Alliance Advisory Board groups, and a private biz coach, Ed developed, then sold his plumbing company to a venture-capital outfit 8 years ago.  To keep excited about life, to stay mentally young, and to give back to an industry that gave so much to him, Ed – along with his lovely wife, Rebecca – implemented the teachings received from the Service Nation Alliance to retire in comfort to the beautiful mountains of Kalifornikrazy. This success only happened after multiple failures leading to a quarter million in debt, before eventually leading to “living the dream”.  This presentation can help you by-pass those failings and reach your “top” much faster.  After all, passing on our experience to save others the pain we went through is what gittin’ older should be all about.

Hire, train, and retain employees by doing it yourself: A “2-2-A-Truck” business model!

This presentation is a proven method for growing your company – or department if you’re a manager for a larger outfit – with ease by using the old adage: “Hire for attitude then train for aptitude.”  This method will show how – after even 2 weeks of coming on board – having a helper/apprentice in a truck with an experienced technician can earn you money instead of costing you anything!  Everyone wins.  You: The trainee pays for themselves, even helps be profitable.  Trainee: Gets paid-training with merit raises, and a chance at a great career in life.  Lead Plumber, Electrician, or HVAC Tech: Makes more money, learns to manage, and doesn’t seem to lose focus by bein’ alone all day … and there’s tons more.

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12 Mar 2020
10:45 am - 11:30 am
Marbella-Las Palmas, Marseilles-Portofino, San Marino