BREAKOUT 3 – The Executive Ride Along

Danielle Putnam
18 Apr 2019
11:00 am - 11:50 am
Coral A

BREAKOUT 3 – The Executive Ride Along

Want to get your employees to give you their absolute finest performance? Imagine how that would change your company. The truth is, they do not even know how high they can reach. Most of them have never been challenged to go “all in” on the job.

Where do you get motivation that motivates? I’ll show you how to change the entire culture of your company with an accelerated, challenged, motivated and cultured team. Working on your business isn’t as hard as you think and it’s quite fun.

The Executive Ride Along is the missing ingredient. Let’s plug you into a whole new ride.

The Executive Ride Along is designed for owners to regain control of their company’s quality, excellence, and growth in the details. Riding along with techs is field focused. But what about the office? What about the sales team? What about the CSR’s and accountants? In this session, learn how to easily do a ride along in specific areas of your company to gain immediate wins in process improvement. BONUS – Free for all session attendees, The Executive Ride Along Process and Script – which eliminates employee fear, so they can honestly showcase their problem areas.